Oppidan Education is a community of 250 professional mentors championing skills-based mentorship for young people, in schools and at home.
Henry Faber
Oppidan Education, 20 St James Street, London, W6 9RW
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Oppidan Education runs award-winning mentoring programmes developed for, and with, schools and their students. A team of 250 professional mentors from diverse sectors are led by a full-time team of 15 based in Hammersmith, London. Oppidan mentors harness the skills necessary for success outside the classroom, with programmes including peer mentoring, transitions, interviews, careers and one-to-one mentorship, across primary and secondary. Now in over 75 schools, projects run face-to-face and online, adding tangible, research-driven impact to PSHE, extracurricular and pastoral programmes.

The organisations listed are organisations with an interest in the education sector whom HMC has not necessarily worked with; HMC has approved the directory entries on the basis of its own due diligence, and partners listed have been referred by at least two schools or educational providers. HMC values their expertise, however, does not endorse them and assumes no responsibility or legal duty by being associated with them. It is the responsibility of the school to independently research each company it may wish to engage.
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