Expand your school’s curriculum with Keystone Elective. Remote and affordable provision of non-core subjects to schools.
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Keystone Elective provides marginal but desirable subjects to schools on a remote, white label and affordable basis. Our model allows schools to offer families an attractive and diverse range of learning opportunities, year after year, with no anxiety over the economic viability.

Our current provision includes:

  • Extracurricular and Extension classes
  • Full GCSEs and A Levels in niche subjects (e.g. Computer Science, Mandarin etc.)
  • Oxbridge preparation (admissions test preparation and mock interviews)
  • SEN and EAL Support

Within our offering we can manage attendance, assessment, and reporting - tailored to your house style and systems. While our delivery is remote, we are community-orientated and provide opportunities for in-person meetings with our tutors.

Our Elective Service has been shaped by Jim Hawkins, former Head Master of Harrow School and Norwich School, who brings experience and knowledge of running top independent schools. He understands how schools work, including the need to match and exceed the high expectations of parents, and the importance of integrating new approaches within existing systems.

We have been fortunate to work with leading HMC schools and understand the emphasis on reliability and quality that such institutions expect.

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